MEET Dolly Farms!

Continuous and sustainable production of high-quality beef requires strict adherence to technological schemes, as well as breeding and fattening of specific meat breeds of cattle and their hybrids.

Fattening of bulls on Dolly beef farm and associated farms are carried out according to an intensive technology.

The daily gain of live weight reaches around 1,300-1,500 grams. Accordingly, depending on a slaughter weight per breed, the bulls reach the required condition by the age of 13-14 months or 16-18 months.

The composition of the feed is balanced depending on the season, but in any case, the feed is always energizing, rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins.

​Dolly has developed a network of farms in Africa and India dedicated to raising pedigree dairy cattle. The young-stock is reared and then bred in a single herd, under-housed TMR managed feeding environment, similar to the modern large-scale farms.

Clean food, hassle free from the farm to your home!

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