Dolly Foods Industries

Where the healthy food are made.

Among the professionals of the food industry in the world, Dolly Company became one of the professionals in the field of food production, food supply, export, import and technology of the food industry.

Over the past years, Dolly’s business in Egypt and the world has grown and Dolly been ranked as one of the big Egyptian companies that working in the field of foods industry. Dolly working through an integrated system and clear strategy that depends primarily on providing the best products at the best prices to consumers.

Dolly Foods Also contribute in construction and development AMAN fixed and mobile sales outlets.

Our mission

We always work to develop and achieve more and more goals and put that development of food industries at the forefront of our goals.

Our Vision

We always work to produce health food with the highest quality and the highest international standards and with the best prices for the consumer, which we always believe that he deserves the best.